About Kenmo

Kenmo is a brand new way to explore career options — fun, interactive, and personalized.

Our first product, the Kenmo Career Pathfinder, shows you how other professionals in your position have progressed in their careers. Using the Career Pathfinder, you can discover skill-gaps and alternative career paths that can fast-track you to your dream job.

Executive Team

Prasan Roy

Founder and CEO - Sclera, Inc.

Prasan has several years of experience in database systems research and development. He is passionate about building analytics products with real-world impact.

Prasan holds a PhD in Computer Science.

Sheetal Mehata

Strategic Advisor

Sheetal is the brain behind the Kenmo Career Pathfinder. Her aim with Kenmo is to make the job-search process easy, personalized, and candidate-centric.

Sheetal holds an MBA in Finance.